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Environmental design, urban programming, architectural programming & territorial support. We are at the edge of all these disciplines.
  • Mission
    • Play with the margin to bring out tools and concepts capable, by their unusual appearance, of transforming cities and territories metabolism: cards to unfold, boxes to touch, trains to build, workshops for curious or serious people…
  • Playgrounds
    • The city, now, here and there; Industry 4.0 applied to SMEs; transmission within various university courses. Particularly on the ARTEM campus where we run the Fab City Nancy Research and Creation Workshop.
  • Story
    • A story in 3 steps. A first step devoted to artistic & sound creation, at the Maison des Métallos. A second step dedicated to manufacturing creation & micro-factory locations between Paris and Pantin. And a third one, dedicated to programming, research and transmission. We tell you more on our blog.
our modus operandi

Drawing, machining, investigating, analyzing & prototyping in a positive mood

Listening & Telling
Observe, interview, compare & analyze to build a story around your project
Designing & Building
Make playful mediation tools as new places of experience
Sharing & Raising Awareness
Develop educational content & create a strong designers-makers community
our skills

Thinking by doing

At ARS LONGA, there are creators, engineers, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. Young or not so young any more, but definitely present. Where we are invited and where we are also not expected. We are officially three. Often more. The world is best written with several hands. Our hands are, moreover, at the very heart of our creative process: manufacturing tools as well as tools of thought.
Practice & Transmission
Curiosity & Openness
Diversity & Inclusivity

We activate environments
in close collaboration with their inhabitants.

our team

A trio of inspired designers-makers

“Play with the margin”

Lawyer, entrepreneur & programmer, Vincent GUIMAS is above all an assembler. Talented maker, he put his skills at the service of ARS LONGA since 2005. Upon his arrival, he develops the project into a place of experimentation at the edge of Art, Research and Sociology. Over the years, he produces several technological prototypes, marking the beginning of mobile micro-factories and manufacturing environments design. Vincent sees ARS LONGA as a field of exploration towards what he stands for: a friendly and sustainable world.

“Disturb the daily routine”

When she is not devouring books on architecture and urbanism, Soumaya NADER observes her environment. More than that: she draws it to better analyze and question it. From her observations, she proposes unexpected uses that explore ecosystems potentialities to free the imagination. At ARS LONGA, Soumaya designs interconnected correspondences between actors of manufacturing environments. The notion of community is essential for her: this is where thoughts and actions make sense.

“Make until you find”

As a child, Thibaut LOUVET played soccer in the vineyards of Cognac. As an adult, Thibaut enjoys making for ARS LONGA playful, utilitarian or decorative tools. His favorite: the numerically controlled milling machine. A magical machine! He appreciates it for the immediacy it makes possible between thought and gesture: barely at the stage of the idea, the object can still exist. And, for Thibaut, it is by making these shapes as he pleases that he ends up creating unique objects and universes.
Vincent GUIMAS
Urban Planner, Programmer & Designer
Soumaya NADER
Project Manager & Space Designer
Thibaut LOUVET
Designer & Maker