16 March 2018

Mooc Digital Paris

Developed in partnership with EPSAA, MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) is a tool created to better understand the uses and impacts of digital technology on our daily lives.

If digital practices and cultures are transversal to many fields, from visual arts to applied arts to performing arts, they raise new societal, cultural, philosophical, economic and ethical questions that we want to explore.

The MOOC online platform answers these questions by sharing each month the expertise of the most relevant specialists. The idea? To make this knowledge accessible to as many people as possible without omitting the value that this content could have in the immediate future.


Online Awareness Platform


More than 50 meetings in 4 years


More than 70 hours
With this MOOC, we aim to better understand the evolution of practices, digital cultures and societal issues. Vincent Guimas
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