16 March 2018

Les “Ateliers du Faire” by Fondation Martell

Cultural and multidisciplinary, the MARTELL Foundation was created in Cognac on the initiative of Maison MARTELL. True creative ecosystem, this place develops a program dedicated to the discovery and experimentation of culture and know-how, while promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and local, national and international collaborations.

In 2017, the MARTELL Corporate Foundation sought to establish itself as a new destination for cultural tourism in France. One year later, it entrusted ARS LONGA with the architectural programming of the first floor of their building, dedicated to the residences of craftsmen and artists : WORKSHOPS/S. The commission from its director, Nathalie Viot, consisted in the design and installation of a workspace unique in Europe by the quality of its equipment and the originality of its layout. And this, in order to keep the promise of a bridge between the art of transforming matter (craftsmanship) and the immaterial performing arts (song, music, dance, literature, design…).

The space we have designed is an experimental setting capable of hosting several projects at the same time, while allowing visitors and spectators to see the production processes. This space brings together several types of workshops and craftsmanship: wood, glass, ceramics, modelling. At the heart of the floor, a central and modular space facilitates mobility and encounters. Our bet has been to offer a benevolent proximity between each user of the WORKSHOPS/S floor.

Associated craftsmen included Barbara Billoud (Ceramics & Modeling Workshop), Jérémie Legroux, Soline Bourgeois and Martin Roger (Wood Workshop).


Multidisciplinary experimentation space


Thibaut Louvet & Vincent Guimas


Year 2018
Our bet: offer a space of benevolent proximity between each user on the WORKSHOP/S floor. Vincent Guimas
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