29 March 2018


The city is like a body that devours raw and transformed matter without always knowing how to digest it. How, then, can we diagnose, conceptualize and experiment with new urban metabolisms?

Since June 2019, ARS LONGA participates in the European action research program H2020, coordinated by CBS (Copenhagen Business School), alongside thirty public and private structures throughout Europe. At the heart of the project: development, testing and iterations of circular economy strategies in 6 pilot cities, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cluj-Napoca, Milan, Paris and Vejle.

In Paris, in collaboration with the City of Paris, Volumes, the association Fab City Paris and Re-Store, ARS LONGA designs and elaborates the principles of a tracing label for materials by observing more particularly 3 projects in the event industry: the FIAC!, WE LOVE GREEN and the co-working company MORNING. From there, ARS LONGA developed a first mapping of the project.

As a reminder, REFLOW has two main objectives. On the one hand, co-create and test circular and regenerative solutions in urban and peri-urban areas of Europe. On the other hand, develop circular and regenerative cities through the relocation of production and the circular management of material flows with a bottom-up and citizen-oriented approach.

REFLOW seeks to provide viable strategies that leverage markets, communities and citizens in line with the Horizon 2030 sustainability goals.


New Urban Metabolisms


Thibaut Louvet & Soumaya Nader


Between June 2019 & May 2022
At the heart of the REFLOW project: development, testing and iteration of circular economy strategies to develop regenerative cities. Vincent Guimas