29 March 2018


How can we reduce the ecological footprint of products, democratize access to quality design and expand the market for designers and manufacturers?

Today, the products we buy can travel thousands of miles before reaching the consumer. Assembled in oversized factories, the world organizes a trade in standardized products that leaves no room for individual needs or local manufacturing proposals.

The designer’s role adapts to his condition as a digital worker. Distributed design/manufacturing is a new approach to his profession based on global connectivity. This approach rethinks the way products are manufactured, in addition to improving the customer experience.

Collaborative action research program between 13 local manufacturing players in Europe, Distributed Design Market Platform (DDMP) encourages the role of emerging manufacturers and designers towards this digital horizon. Initiated by Europe Créative, this project celebrates and accompanies these young professionals from all over Europe and offers opportunities to support the mobility of their work in order to connect them to new digital markets.


Research & Creation Platform


Europe Creative & Ars Longa


Years 2018 & 2019
Reducing the ecological footprint of products, democratizing access to quality design & expanding the market for designers and manufacturers is definitely possible! Vincent Guimas