30 November 2020

Nouvelle Fabrique

Installed in the Curial nave at Centquatre-Paris, NOUVELLE FABRIQUE is an urban micro-plant with a surface area of 55 m2, bringing together digital manufacturing lines, a work and sharing space, and a point of sale for objects and services.

Open to companies, creators and all amateurs, NOUVELLE FABRIQUE is a collective economic and social experience, seeking in proximity new solutions to collaborate, create and produce differently. It relies on the expertise of schools, designers and integrated, associated or invited artists.

It is also a place to meet and think about doing, offering conferences, exhibitions, as well as workshops for children.


Creation of a micro-factory


Centquatre-Paris, Ars Longa


Years 2012 & 2014
Nouvelle Fabrique is a collective experience that seeks in proximity new solutions to produce differently. Vincent Guimas
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