24 November 2020

XYZ Cargo Bike

The short modes of transport in Paris and its inner suburbs are undergoing a major upheaval. Over the next 10 years, cars will be replaced by gentler modes of transport (bicycles, cargo bikes, scooters, autonomous cars, etc.) and more adapted to our eco-health-oriented lifestyles.

Whether transporting people or goods, the bicycle occupies an important place in this new situation, and cargo bicycles are a credible response to most of the challenges of freight transport for the last kilometer. With the arrival of a large number of these new vehicles, relationships are being reinvented between pedestrians and cyclists, between professionals and amateurs. Appropriate planning will also be one of the major challenges for the players in bicycle mobility.

The ARS LONGA team intends to develop in 2021 a concept of XYZ CARGO BIKE Workshop Store in Paris. Inspired by XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES, this concept will allow to build your own vehicle to transport people or goods. XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES is based on an inexpensive, light and durable construction, requiring only simple non-specialized hand tools. With XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES, N55 offers a new alternative to traditional cycle products, often mass-produced from inferior materials and not designed to last (or being repaired).

The designs of the XYZ SPACEFRAME VEHICLES, including the brand new construction principle used in the system and the XYZ connection principle, are Open Source and provided according to Creative Commons rules. As such, you may not use this work for commercial purposes. Any use must include appropriate credits to N55 and its collaborator Till Wolfer and a link to www.N55.dk.


Shop Workshop concept to build your own transport vehicle


N55 / Ion Sorvin & Till Wolfer, Eddie Barret, Thibaut Louvet, Vincent Guimas, Soumaya Nader


Year 2021
Based on a light and durable construction, XYZ Cargo Bike allows to build your own vehicle to transport people or goods. Vincent Guimas
Nouvelle Fabrique Next project